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Hi! I'm Lindsey, Lead Photographer and Matcha Latte aficionado! I left my corporate graphic designer job in July of 2020. Couldn't do it anymore, between the plague and quarantine and shifting perspectives of working from home and living in our less-than 500 square foot studio apartment, I couldn't do it anymore. In May of 2021, my best friend got married and found out on the morning of her wedding that her photographer was going to be a couple of hours late (!!!!!!),

Three years later and many, many (many) weddings and engagements and elopements and maternity sessions later— well, here we are. I don't think many people get to say that they've found their calling, but that's definitely how it feels for us! We're traveling all over Washington, Oregon, and Northern California capturing the most gorgeous moments of life imaginable, being a two-person personal hype team, and taking each moment as a gift. 

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how fast did we know we wanted to get married?

i think it was date #3.


Lead Photographer
Momma. Matcha connoisseur. Corporate graphic designer turned Wedding Photographer. Lives to photograph weddings, elopements, engagements, families, mothers, babies, and furry friends. Loves matcha green tea lattes like some people love good wine. Will giggle like a maniac when she takes a gorgeous photo and be your biggest cheerleader.



Second Photographer.
Mechanical Engineer by day, Portrait Photographer by night, occasionally moonlights as a race car driver. Has a garage full of classic cars. Builds fancy robots for a living. Climbed the tallest mountain in Switzerland, Italy, and France, and kinda wants to do it again.



Assistant Lick Manager. Sheds a lot. Would chase a frisbee off the roof of a building. Goes on all of our adventures in the Pacific Northwest.


We worked for the same company for a while (in different departments!) and while Hunter was completely oblivious of my workplace crush, I convinced him at a holiday party that we should be dating after two whole years of playing some will-I-should-I mental gymnastics. We went on our first date and the rest is history. I don't think we've been apart for longer than Hunter's 10-day-backpacking trip in Switzerland or the very hectic COVID exposure scare while I was pregnant with our firstborn. 

We're both creative people by nature— for me, I got a degree in graphic design in university but was unhappy with the soulless nature of corporate marketing, while Hunter spent years taking breathtaking landscape panoramas on all of his backpacking trips. With our powers combined we had a fleet of cameras and lenses but didn't really have the opportunity to put our skills to good use until 2020.

It just so happened that we— like the rest of the planet, had the first half of 2020 with a lot of time on our hands. We started taking on family and maternity clients while observing proper COVID protocol, and engagement and elopement couples using our zoom lenses from very (very, very) far away.

And while we did our own basement elopement as even the courthouses were closed in September of 2020, we spent the summer of 2021 not only photographing elopements and weddings, but PLANNING one. Several times over, because the COVID policies kept changing. 

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